I don’t want your data.

Data is retrieved from Strava

When you “Connect with Strava” a token is granted for Explore Your Bubble to retrieve private activity data. This is required so that your private activities can be included in your bubble. The token is temporarily stored, but deleted when you view your bubble.

I request your 100 most recent activities, but ignore any that started before the first Melbourne lockdown began at 6pm August 2nd, 2020. For the activities during the lockdown the latitude and longitude data from Strava is retrieved. With the exception of the token, no data retrieved from Strava is stored.

Data is shared with third parties to show your bubble

When you visit the site analytics data is collected with Fathom Analytics. Fathom Analytics is a privacy-focussed analytics service that provides analytics without collecting any personal information. You can read more about Fathom's privacy features here (the key part for you as a user is the "User Data" section).

When you enter your address Google Places is used to lookup your address. This means that the address you enter is shared with Google in order to convert it into a latitude and longitude. You can choose to enter a latitude and longitude instead. Google Places is part of the Google Maps API(s), the Google privacy policy is available here.

When you view your bubble the map tiles are retrieved from Mapbox. The Mapbox privacy policy is available here.

If something goes wrong with the site the error is sent to Sentry. Sentry is a service that provides information about requests that cause errors. This information will include your IP address and other information about your web browser. The Sentry privacy policy is available here.

If you want more information please reach out to